Sunday, 5 August 2007


Guess Who...

I personally don’t appreciate thousands of forwards in my e-mail inbox, full of viral messages from friends, and I rarely open them, let alone click the link. However, I recently I have come across a “virtual disease” that I just couldn’t help but spread. I read about the website to help promote the new Simpson’s Movie that is sponsored by Burger King. The site allows you to upload a photo of yourself and it basically “simpsonizes you” into a full blown Simpson’s character, enabling to choose your hair, facial features body and clothes.

What was particularly humorous about the whole process, is that blatancy of Burger King, as while you are being “simpsonised” this message appears:

“I hereby acknowledge that the crummy yellow 2-D likeness of my photo which I am about to receive is merely a genius marketing ploy of : Burger King and The Simpson’s Movie.”

“Genius marketing ploy”, I think so, I mean worked on me. My simpsonized image has replaced my Facebook Profile picture, thus opening up this marketing scheme to a whole new audience, as already people are questioning where I got the picture from and asking for the link. This is viral marketing at the top of its game. However, although sucked into the ploy, I’m afraid to say I’m immune to go any further with parting with my money by going to a Burger King or paying to go see the Simpson’s Movie, thus maybe showing the limit of such marketing tactics. Although they got my to click the link, it is unable to make me go the next step and for me to go see the movie or visit my local Burger King, which is surely the challenge they should be trying to tackle.

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Holly Mee said...

I agree a great marketing ploy, chris oddy has also put this on his blog, i visited the site myself, doesnt much look like me though...but all good fun, and good that the audience half designs themselve and its not just done all for them.