Saturday, 16 June 2007

Ambient Media

This photo was taken 9 years ago when I was in Australia. As you can see in the photo the recognisable Toyota logo has been created in the sky, using chemical trails. This form of ambient media would have been seen by thousands of people in and around the city of Sydney, reaching their target market and beyond. Although certainly attention grabbing and interesting, combined with the fact that I remembered this photo without even a name with the logo gives credit on Toyotas behalf. For the fact a 13 year old girl on holiday can remember such a media stunt, proves that they have such strong brand recognition and they can ‘play’ with more interesting ways of promoting themselves, however I don’t think this is the most successful way in which they could have done so. With Toyota wanting to be valued for selling quality cars and promoting the company’s longevity with the use of the line “Today Tomorrow Toyota”, the choice of ambient media is particularly flawed. By using the chemical trails, the fact that it is only a temporary display, lucky to last 20 minutes, let alone till the next day, doesn’t quite demonstrate these values and thus does not seem like a suitable match of brand and media.

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