Thursday, 21 June 2007

Justin Timberlake; Lovestoned/I think she knows (Interlude)

Director: Robert Hales

When I found out Justin Timberlake filmed his new video just outside Bolton, I couldn’t wait to see the results! But it seem Bolton has some of the finest green screens around. However disappointed I am that Yorkshires not going to be put on the global map, just yet, I have to say this video is absolutely brilliant, and you can’t help but watch it over and over again. The director was Robert Hales, who also produced videos for Gnarles Berkley and Jet.

This particular song has two very distinct parts to it, the beginning Justins signature RnB beat with an ‘electronic’ feel to it, into a more chilled out vibe. With this being the case, there are also two distinct sections to the video. With the first half, the concept focuses on the idea of there are a multitude of sounds that’s are being transmitted through sound waves, which create images of Justin. The video is fast paced, futuristic and will certainly keep your attention, all aspects that Justin Timberlake would pride his music on. Transforming from the black, sound wave movements, to what looks like a large white padded space with Justin standing in the middle it would seem the video takes a turn for the worst. The bizarre environment, in which Justin stands, does not seem to flow with the rest of the video, losing his cool factor almost immediately. The second half of the video is really disappointing, and minus the appeal as the first half unfortunately means you lose interest rapidly.

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